Welcome to Medina Surfing!

Our Association - located in the old Medina of Rabat - was founded by professional Moroccan surfer Abdel Elharim.

We offer surf lessons and accomodation for groups or individuals of all levels. We are also involved in social actions towards helping our local community.

This concept was made to help local surfers to surf better, and to help them with their lives in general while having a great time with our international guests. We provide them the atmosphere where they can learn languages and exchange culture with people from all around the globe.

On top of that, we want to educate the kids of the medina to be aware of their environment and to keep the ocean clean. For this very reason, we organise beach cleaning events to maintain cleanliness of our surroundings.

Surf Lessons

For our guests, we offer 1.5 hours of daily surf lessons and coaching, with the option of visiting other beaches around Rabat, if you're interested in discovering the area. We're very flexible with our time schedule, but you need to book your place at least 1 day in advance by e-mail. For instant booking, get in touch via e-mail or give us a call!

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Our Surf Instructor

Medina Surfing Instructor Abdel El Harim
Abdel El Harim

Abdel is an African and National Champion, and he's the first Moroccan ever to get invited to the WSL Pipeline Master's event. He's a qualified surf instructor and a traveller himself, and he speaks 5 different languages.

Surf Camp

The beautiful Moroccan style building located near the beach in the old Medina, will provide you with all necessities and comfort during your stay. With a capacity to host up to 30 people, all our private and shared rooms are spacious and clean for a comfortable stay with us. There is free wifi available through the building. Breakfast will be included and will be served every morning on our sunny rooftop terrace, where you can enjoy some fruit and Moroccan tea with your freshly prepared local breakfast. Guests are able to use both the kitchen and fridge but we love to recommend some amazing local food hotspots.

What you shouldn't miss in Rabat

rabat kasbah des oudayas Kasbah of the Udayas

Famous for its stunning ocean view, the Kasbah of the Udayas is the perfect place to get lost in during a long walk. Rabat was granted World Heritage Status in 2012, so you won’t be disappointed with all the beautiful doors and buildings that can be found well-hidden behind the gates of the Kasbah.

rabat chellah Chellah

The Chellah, this medieval fortified Muslim necropolis (literally meaning, the “city of the dead”) and complex of ancient and medieval ruins, is one of Rabat’s most famous tourist attractions. Not to mention that its garden is beautifully landscaped with hundreds of flowers!

rabat Hassan tower Hassan Tower

Hassan Tower is the minaret of an incomplete mosque that was intended to be the largest minaret (together with mosque) in the world. Unfortunately, in 1199, Sultan Yacub al-Mansour died and the construction of the mosque stopped. Yet, it’s still a stunning piece of Rabat’s cultural heritage.

rabat mausoleum Mausoleum of Mohammed V

This historical building, built in a traditional Moroccan-style, is located near the Hassan Tower and is open to non-muslims, too. Enter the mausoleum and visit the tombs of the the current king's grandfather, King Mohammed V, and his two sons, King Hassan II and Prince Moulay Abdellah!

rabat andalusian gardens Andalusian gardens

The Andalusian gardens, laid out by the French during the colonial period, occupy the grounds of the Kasbah of the Udayas and make a wonderful shady retreat. Have a sip of the traditional Moroccan mint tea and visit the gardens on a quiet day - you won't regret it!

rabat old medina Old Medina

No tour is complete without visiting Rabat’s beautiful Old Medina - it’s the perfect place for buying traditional Moroccan souvenirs and spices, and bargaining for the best prices while smelling or tasting thousands of little wonders throughout the colourful and lively street markets.


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Our staff speaks Arabic, French and English.

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